To Pin or Not to Pin: A Matter of Priorities

Dawn Cranston, Head of School

I love Pinterest. It’s a collection of everyone’s great ideas categorized by topics all in one place. When I haven’t gone grocery shopping in a while and all I can come up with is three things at home that might make up a meal, I can Pinterest those three ingredients and come up with all sorts of new recipes. I can also scroll through everyone’s decorating ideas and decide I want a whole new house. Finding the right balance is always the key. I’ve found the same need for balance when making decisions for our school. There are a lot of great schools doing a lot of great things. But what are the great things that are right for South Baldwin Christian Academy (SBCA)? When making decisions for our school I look to see if the choices I make support our mission.

The mission of SBCA has always been to provide a Christian education with academic excellence in a safe, caring environment that allows students to achieve their full potential and discover God’s plan for their lives.

Academic Excellence

How are we doing when we look at academic excellence? I am proud of our students. The ACT, originally an abbreviation of the American College Testing college readiness assessment is a standardized test for high school achievement and college admissions in the United States. When comparing our students ACT scores with others in the state of Alabama, we far exceed the state average in every category.

                           Alabama                     SBCA

Comp.                 18.7                             25.2
English                18.7                             25.9
Math                   18.3                             22.4
Reading              19.7                             27.8
Science               19.1                             24.2

Safe & Caring Environment

How are we doing when we look at providing a safe and caring environment? Parents and students alike often describe being on our campus like being home, or being part of a family. We are intentional about creating that type of environment. It is our goal to partner with parents in educating their children. We want to equip them, not oppose them. The Institute for Mental Health states that 25% of students ages 13-18 have a diagnosable anxiety disorder. We believe that we can’t affectively educate students or teach them about Jesus’ love for them without first providing a safe and caring environment.

Discovering God’s Plan

How are we helping students discover God’s plan for their lives? Our students know that Jeremiah 29:11 says, “For I know the plan’s I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.” From an early age, we teach our students that God created them with multiple gifts and talents and as they grow we give them many opportunities to explore those talents and to use them to serve others.

EXCEL Imagine. Tomorrow. Capital Campaign

This year we launched the EXCEL Imagine. Tomorrow. campaign. As we plan for the future of SBCA we look to expanding the opportunities we have to offer our students. Our priorities are:

  • The Student Experience: Campus improvements, fine arts and athletics.
  • Academics & Innovations: What our students have access to in the classroom such as curriculum and technology.
  • Student & Family Ministry: Opportunities for us to minister to our students and for them to serve our community.

You can find out more about EXCEL Imagine.Tomorrow. by visiting our signing up for regular campaign updates at:

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